Twilight addon not working

Anymone getting error using twilight addon?
It give me the list of movies. But when i try to play any. It give me “twilight error”

Not just you, same thing here today with Twilight :person_shrugging:

The strange thing. That i installed twilight on my samsung phone. Working fine. Driving me crazy. Working on my phone. But not on my firestick or chromcast tv.

I restored a backup from last month. Its working. Well for now lol. Maybe some background update might cause the problem again.

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Ok. The problem is in one of the dependencies. If you hold the ok button on the addon the information then denpdencies. U can see urllib3
Apparently this one been updated.
If you go back to version 1.26.16. Everything would work fine.

While u on depe…screen. scroll down to urllib3. Press enter. Make sure auto update is not checked. Now go

To download. Then

ADDONS → install from zip

Credit goes to Radyboy on another forum.

think this is working now, as was about to do this & it was suddenly working again

Same here, working again :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you check what version u have of that dependency please?

Thank you.
Restored my kodi to the last backup when the error start happening.
Yes its working fine.