TV Remote Controls

I’m having a problem with three Samsung TVs. They all can use the same remote. My problem is if I change the source or volume etc. of one TV, they all respond, causing complete havoc.
One TV is a monitor for my outdoor cameras. One is my PC monitor. One is my Television. If I use the remote on my television to change the source on my main TV, the outdoor camera monitor also changes source, not allowing me to see the cameras. If I do something with the camera monitor, my PC is affected. This is becoming a nightmare. I have to have the remote in different positions to use on the correct TV. Help!

Maybe cover the IR sensor of the Two TVs that you don’t want to be affected? a small patch of electrical tape works wonders.
(except that if your remote is a bluetooth or RF remote which is highly unlikely)

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If your remote is IR you first need to separate your 3 Samsungs as much as possible. Locate the remote sensor on each Samsung and dull the sensor with tin foil and tape. Experiment with the foil and tape so you have to aim at each unit to have it respond. Another trick is to use a cardboard core from a roll of paper towels and slide over the end of your remote. It makes it very directional and would only talk to each unit.


Thank you so much. Great answer! Never thought of that. I will do that. Thanks again!

Very good answers. I like the paper towel roll idea too. Make it directional. I really like that a lot. Thanks for the great answers. Solves my problem.