TV Bro no longer working need new browser for Nvidia Shield

Bro is no longer working for me on my Nvidia Shield, I tried Puffin but I guess it is a paid browser now. What free browser can I install?
Can I install the Brave browser on the Shield?

try silk browser, I use it and although its from amazon they havent messed it up yet :grimacing:

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Ok thanks I’ll try that

Well apparently I don’t know how to put the Silk Browser on my Shield, can someone tell me how?

You can download the apk file from the web and transfer to your shield to install.

Heres a link to my version that works>>>>

I will leave it there for a day.

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Thanks, I downloaded it to my pc. I’ll transfer it over to the Shield

your welcome, good luck. It works well especially for streaming

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Yep, I got it and it’s working Thanks a million.