Turn Off Subtitles in Cinema

Setting up new Fire TV Cube with Cinema and Real Debrid. Also set MX Player Pro as default. I get an awful lot of streams with subtitles and cannot find a way to turn them off. If I set player to Cinema player I do not get subtitles. Also MX Player does not seem to mark episodes as watched. Cinema player does. Not sure what the allure of MX Player is? Thoughts?

You can only do it in the player you are using. Most subtitles are hard-coded into the video meaning that they can’t be removed no matter what you do. Since you are using Cinema, I will advise you to avoid links that contain (ok.ru) in them because they are the ones with the subtitles that I described above. Good Luck!

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Using mx player this is a box at the top right, click that and you can turn off subtitles. It’s the subtitles options.

If they are hard-coded it won’t work. Most to all mentioned above with ru will be.

Mx player doesn’t mark them as watched cinema does.

Thanks Mr20878 & Dracoo. I was using the wrong box at the top of the player. Got subtitles turned off. Now as far as marking episodes as “watched” I assumed that was Cinema too. I’ve looked through all the settings and cannot find any setting that affects this. I have experimented with both Cinema Player an MX Player and I can definitely say MX player is not marking the watched episodes automatically but Cinema player does. I just installed two new Fire TV Cubes and both do the exact same thing. I did not use Cinema 2.4 as the use of Trakt TV and the other (blue) movie favorites in the upper right corner next to the search hourglass cause the Trending option to go away or not give the results I am looking for on the TV page. Just a minor annoyance to me.

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