TROYPOINT YouTube Channel Suspended

Originally published at: TROYPOINT YouTube Channel Suspended But We're Back!

February, 14th, 2020 Dear TROYPOINT Friends, First off, Happy Valentines Day! I hope you and your family have an awesome day and weekend. I kindly ask that you read this entire post, as I’m asking you for a simple click at the bottom. On Wednesday, February 2nd, we were notified by YouTube that our TROYPOINT…


This is pathetic. No good deed goes unpunished. You have gone above and beyond to be very politically correct (by YouTube standards) in displaying all your help and training videos. I, for one, am very disgusted and ashamed of YouTube’s process of issuing strikes and failing to acknowledge or respond to attempts to clearly identify their reasoning. Simply put, they don’t have a reasonable explanation and are probably getting under-the-table payback for shutting down sites with this huge a following.
You are about the best known service provider in this industry. I have to believe Amazon owes you a lot of $$$ for the number of FireTV product sales you have driven through your services! (over 350 I’ve either bought or convinced others to purchase - and I’ve set up each one following your guidelines)
Regardless of the direction you proceed in the future, I’m with you for the long haul. All the best to you…keep your chin up (it makes an easier target).


Troy, I think you will find you will have support from the masses as I for one got started “cutting the cord” using your guidance and video’s. I do find a bit of irony YT has suspended your channel but on the flipside how much revenue have you (personally driven) to their cord cutting solutions as a decent portion of the population go well beyond your standard Hulu, YT TV “off the shelf solution”.

Keep us updated on what happens - maybe a new post on alternatives to YouTube TV may be in order???


Troypoint is a Public Service and should not have been removed from YouTube! Always informative and educational. Troy thank you for all your hard work.

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Hi Troypoint, As a senior and not overly electronic savvy , had it not been for your easy to follow videos i would have never been able to go cord cutting , I am now using an android TV and all is going well . The Gods of greed have descended upon you and now wish to destroy you . I and the few others in my area of New Zealand will stand by you and support you as you have done by standing by us . Keep up your great work and more strength to you
Cheers Mike

Troy, this is outrageous and most likely a punitive measure driven by forces who feel threatened by the cordcutting movement of which you are the undisputed king, in my opinion. Your success and popularity have made you a target. I have no doubt that this is just a bump in the road to even greater success for Troypoint. My family and I really enjoy our streaming-based home entertainment, thanks to you and the great support you’ve provided.

When I started the cord cutting, I started with your how to videos. I’ve learned a lot over the years and would recommend anybody to follow troypoint. Started out with Kodi on firestick, too having IPVanish, and cutting the cord with cable, to now having apk’s and Iptv services with little to no issues. I will always follow troypoint and all the others that have had inputs to cord cutting.

Like almost everyone else here, if it wasn’t for your quality work I would not have got this far in cord cutting. From the very beginning you have been the benchmark for this topic. I have lost count how many people I have directed to your site and will continue to do so.

Keep up the great work you do.

Troy - You are the catalyst and pioneer that got thousands of us on the road to cord cutting and streaming. This is obviously an effort to silence you on the part of the big tech and media companies but it will not work. The cat is out of the bag and the more these conglomerates try to suppress alternative internet based media the more open source options will open up. A friend of mine who I helped cut the cord with told me about an encounter he had with a service tech from our local internet provider. He said the tech told him that like us, he streams from alternative and open sources off the internet and though they don’t realize it, the greedy, antiquated cable companies, media corporations, etc. are dinosaurs are well on their way to losing most of their customers and he couldn’t be happier!

Unfortunately this is the way YouTube can control their agenda. We are with you Troy, we love you, we care about you, and we are thankful and will follow you everywhere. Keep up the fight and keep us informed!

google is just like twitter, when you appeal something, nothing happens, it falls on deaf ears

I’ve been with Troy long before the insider came into existence. Without his expertise, I would probably still be in the dark, and not a cable cutter. Cable has a captive audience, of which they financially abuse on regular intervals. They take away content, then raise the prices. Cable cutting has given us an option, which cable companies despise. Troy has been at the forefront of this new movement and the cable companies are not getting as much $$$ as they want. So, they raise the prices on the customers who have stuck with them. The cable companies are powerful entities, only because of all the money we all dumped into their coffers. But, they are weakening. They are in desperation mode. They see their empire slowly slipping away. If the cable companies had played fair from the start, they would not be in this predicament. They have only themselves and their greed to blame. Troy, I have been with you, and will continue. Let’s us know what you need from us, whenever you need us. We are growing and getting stronger. And we’re NOT DONE YET!!!

I do not doubt that the conglomerate of major cable companies, together, approached YouTube and involved them, by some nefarious means, to block the Troypoint site. This, is probably just the beginning of their “fightback” tactics. We will soon find out who is next on their list. Just as the movie industry is going after IPTVs, we can expect similar actions. But stay the course. Because their $$$ is slowly drying up. They can only milk their remaining customers but so long, until those customers also decide they have had enough. Their CEOs are already bringing home less in their paycheck. Still getting a bunch of $$$, but less, and still dwindling.

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Where the hell is the click at the bottom???

Absolutely astonishing and seemingly very spiteful. I have been a a subscriber since the very beginning. As one of your original subscribers I can faithfully vouch for your integrity and standards in producing your YouTube content. I can also vouch that from day one you have informed all your subscribers as the correct legalities of what content is shown. At no time is the content dangerous and you have only ever shown content from the public domain. I just do not understand this especially as you hav made several attempts to prove your case to no avail. I will always be a follower where ever you go next. Let u know how we can best support you going forward.

Troy I had the pleasure of corresponding with you several years ago it was about the time I was waiting notification of obtaining a heart transplant…you were most helpful and kind in responding to my questions…you can always count on my support and I wish you continued success …Frank Welner

Ps June 7, 2020 will be my 3rd New Heart Birthday

I’ll keep following, but is there no other platform, servers, Free Speech Internet, etc that you could use? I’m personally fed up with the elites in this country that are so infantile-minded they can’t discuss any topic freely, & think their opinions are the only ones that count. Morons like this are why there’s still communism in this day & age.
I look forward to the time this draconian thinking comes back to bite them in the butt! If everyone that feels the same could pick a date to cancel them, Facebook, Twitter, & the rest, the shareholders might sit up & take notice.

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You Tube? What’s You Tube? I may be the only person on earth who never goes to or uses You Tube. It may have helped build Troypoint, but the DB of users and members has outgrown the need for you tube imho. Troypoint is a power unto itself with more than enough ppl to keep it growing, look at the insider for example. Do just about any Google search for cord cutting will bring up a Troypoint link, none of which are to you tube. So I repeat, You tube who? How about Troytube?