TROYPOINT Survey - Tell Us What You Want

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In an effort to improve the TROYPOINT Website and other media properties, we kindly ask that you complete this quick one-minute survey. Your suggestions will help determine additional topics that will be covered through the TROYPOINT brand. Thank you for your help. Name* First Email* How did you learn about TROYPOINT?*TROYPOINT YouTube VideoFamily/Friend RecommendationDownloader ApplicationTutorial…

I would like to see new tips and tricks for using Firetv products. The question and answers you currently have are also good to keep.


More extensive list and ongoing reviews of quality iptv services would be nice, since there is constant turnover in providers.


Useful tips , streaming, downloading & storage devices, perhaps reviews of particularly stand out devices & other useful tech.
eh have you seen any browser to use.(don’t log in ).


I believe that there is a growing number of nVidia Shield users. I would like to see more content developed for, or at least adding info to other videos that specifically address the nVidia Shield and its users. Thank you.


Hello @sim_bill We definitely want to dive further into this area but doing this cautiously. Lots of legal problems surround this area and don’t want it to negatively impact what we have going on here. Planning on getting this site here back up to speed and will spend more time publishing Insider only content that is protected. Thanks Bill!


You are doing a great job. What i would like to see is more info on downloading not just torrents but using KODI to download, also more info on the “Media Server” you built ( I built the exact same one), working with IpVanish and lastly external storage. Thanks for the great sites!!!

First and foremost you continue to do an amazing job. I am assuming many folks are like me started with zero knowledge and have now become somewhat of subject matter expert because of you and the services and knowledge you provide. Thank you from all of us. As it relates to items of need, I would like to see more of the following:

  1. More info on Nvidia Shield and other Andriod products. For me I have graduated from Firestick’s due to the limited storage.
  2. Cutting the cord solutions - more of a complete solution meaning how to receive local channels, record local channels (using Plex or Amazon Recast etc), using IPTV and IPTV Smarters (or similar) etc. I am still struggling with how to record local channels and integration of A51 into a Smarters type app considering they will no longer support M3U codes etc.
  3. Details on how to edit or install add-ons on an existing Kodi build, as well as how to add RD or premium features after a build is complete. I am back using Kodi however there are times I am still unable to figure out how to install an add-on you are suggesting or where to go to add RD etc.
  4. Understand your comment as it relates to the “slippery slope” of IPTV and your hesitancy to promote such a “grey area”. For me I keep A51 as we got in early ($5/month) and have had little to no problems however the fact they do not support 3rd party apps is a bother considering my ultimate goal is to completely cut the cord. With so many options it’s hard to know where to start as someone on the boards recommends a service then 5 people provide mixed reviews. I did really like your summary at the start of the pandemic but to your point they change so frequently it may be a mute point.

Thanks for all you do, keep it up and we will definitely follow your lead.


How to download and store on Fire TV Stick/Box/Cube for later viewing then deletion.

I am a long time subscriber.There isnt any thing I can think of for improvement except perhaps a return of the monthly newsletter. I realize how busy you are so a reasonable fee would be justified.

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Since there are now a lot more excellent quality android streaming boxes on the market, it would be great if we could see a return to more reviews by Troypoint.

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Firstly a great big thank you for all you do to help us cord cutters!

I would like to be able to access Troypoint Insider, which I was able to do for over a year, but now am blocked

Many thank

I will add my vote to more different IPTV reviews and updates.

I’ve been a long time user of IPVanishVPN, why don’t they allow long time users to get a (Sale or promo) lower price instead of limiting it to new users, it works out that someone new to the service pays a lot less then ones who have been loyal customers for some time

r1194, I completely agree with you and just left IPV for their huge signal degradation as well as their “cable company mentality”. I had the same situation occur as you did - after my 1 year I signed up for a 3 year deal however after reading these posts contacted them and asked for a discounted rate was told my subscription was to “new” and I should call back in a year. Waited and called back and was told the only way was to cancel and sign up under a different name (i.e. my wife) but they would apply the balance to my new order.

Needless to say after the COVID-19 and reduced bandwidth I started looking at the significant signal degradation and after speaking with them there was nothing they could do (other than what Troy had already suggested) so I ended up canceling and switched to NordVPN. NordVPN is cheaper, hardly any signal degradation and they are not on the Real Debrid “naughty list” (although IPV and RD appear to have buried the hatchet).

I know Troypoint pushes IPV but if you are like me, it may be time to explore other VPN’s that do not deploy the “cable company business model” who offer superior service at a cheaper price.

Hope this helps,

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You talk a great deal on VPN’s and IPVanish which is well appreciated.

IPVanish offer a free added service called Sugarsync with is included with a VPN subscription. I was hoping you might introduce us to this service and possibly prepare a video that explains what it does, how to setup, how to use the service and give us an unbiased conclusion with the pros and cons.

I am always a little concerned that the security surrounding Cloud accounts may not be bulletproof and put our data at risk. I know that this goes beyond the scope of your services but I thought I would put it out there.

I appreciate your newsletters. Keep up the great work.


I too use IPVanish for some time now, but have not taken advantage of the Sugarsync cloud storage. I now have a reason to install this cloud storage. Can’t seem to find a current “how to install sugarsync” TroyPoint tutorial. So, how do I install Sugarsync Cloud Storage on my devices?

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Overall, Troypoint is awesome. I am retired, took up the hobby of streaming for enjoyment mainly, not for cord cutting and saving money. I love the new Insider because I can ask specific questions about Kodi settings and I always get an answer. TNX, Ralph

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Thanks @sim_bill I will definitely cover the good ones like Ugoos but unfortunately, not too many like that.


Indeed. You are right on regarding most of those cheap China made open android boxes are simply not worth reviewing. (I’ve had my share.) I brought your attention to Ugoos exactly because their quality, performance, features and product support are measurably superior to other manufacturers.