Troypoint Kodi 19 Fork question

I am currently running Kodi 19.2 on my Android box. Will I be able to install your Kodi 19 Fork on the same box without any conflicts ? Cheers.

Hi Tom, I’m doing it with no problems.

Thank you for replying … I’ll get on to that tonight. I want to trial a couple of different builds but didn’t want it messing with my Xenon build which is running like a well oiled machine. Cheers.

i run 19’1 then troys 19 and 18.9 all with differant builds

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Thanks for that. Have you experienced any remote control problems with the forks ?

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no not at all why would the remote give you an issue

I have found when I boot up the fork … quite quickly I get the message that Kodi has found a new controller, and do i want to program the buttons. When i attempt to do this all goes accordingly until I try the play/start button … the middle round button inside of the left right, up down. This will not program. Then I can only click into mouse mode and use the cursor to enter anything. I have 3 boxes of different vintages all using the same style of remote … no problem with Kodi original, only happens with the forks. And there we have it.

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i use the cube and shield no issues

I solved the problem by installing Kore app on my phone and used that.

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