TROYPOINT Halloween Mega Giveaway

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This is the official page of the contest…as you can see it is on the official TROYPOINT Website. Due to the popularity of our contests, there are always scammers that impersonate us. Do not accept any friend requests from anyone claiming to be TROYPOINT or use any website besides this one. Enter the drawing below…


I had a few issues with some of the entry methods, but I’ll keep trying over the next few days!

Hello @eXC0n our server is getting hammered pretty hard. Check back in a few minutes and it will work better for you.


this is a little confusing but i am trying to enter the halloween giveaway…

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Hello @tommylola you are already entered. Registering for the TROYPOINT Insider is a task on the list that provides additional entries. You can go down that list and get extra entries for the tasks that you complete. Thanks for following TROYPOINT!


I watched all the videos, but I got zero credit.


You must have done something wrong, refresh the page. No need to be rude, im sure this can get fixed.

You must every min of the show. Thank you for being apart of our community.

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I apologize if my comment came across as rude, it was not the intention.
I just noticed one of the videos I may have gotten points for, it has a check mark.
I’ll watch the rest again and see what happens.


No i miss read so my apologies. Im glad you got some points! Good luck!!

By the way, what does it take or requirements to become a patron?

Read this. Patron is at the bottom.

Wanted to congratulate all the winners of this contest!!

It has ended and I hope you are all enjoying the prizes.

Especially to the shield and buzz winners. Awesome!


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I’d like to second that. I’d also like to thank Troy for his generosity. Congrats everyone.


Congrats to the winners! That’s like a winning lottery ticket in the streaming world.

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