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I’m gonna be 69 @ end of mo.i think I’m goin on 6 or 7 yrs of streaming fun, maybe more. Luv :heart: stickin it to “the man”. Still learnin. Its been a great ride


Hey Sid, hope you’ve looked into real debrid since you last posted. It is way worth it. And its cheap. Only bout $18 or $19 bucks for 6 mo. Really reduces buffering, pretty much guaranteed great quality. Really pretty easy to set up.

Come to think of it, as i read daveduk’s dec post bout his dish fiasco, i remembered bundling dish n att cell n cable back in 2004. I "fired "them the next yr. Hooked up my 1st :fire: stick, it was "katy shut the door " after dat!!!
So i got a decade into this streamin magic :sweat_smile: :rofl: :crazy_face:

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Hi Pedro…

I haven’t looked into it because I really don’t know what it is or does,

Can you give me a link to what you use or recommend?

Seems affordable.


I’m old, but young at heart :slight_smile:

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Hi Sid, I’m attaching a screenshot of what TP’s tutoriol looks like. Go to n search for set up real debrid .Scrolll down till ya see it. Trust urself .you can do it. Gotta start somewhere.


Sadly but true I am in one! And you wouldn’t believe me if I told you my age :face_exhaling:

Sorry Sid, haven’t been checkin these posts out. Life’s kinda “punched me in the face” lately. Anyways, for shows n movies i almost 100% use Stremio apk and set it up with real debrid. Again has vids on both. As far as iptv you’d have to dm me n i could let ya know who I’ve been using the last several yrs.

Here’s that link from TP on Stremio

Good luck , its pretty easy if ya follow step by step.