Troypoint App Will Not Install!

I am setting up a Firestick for my granddaughter who is 11. I have her a kids profile. I wanted to install the Troypoint app, but I forgot to turn on “apps from unknown sources” . After the download, I got a message saying that I needed to do this. I went into my profile and took care of it.
When I downloaded Troypoint again, I was told to “turn on apps from unknown sources”. I double-checked that it was still on and restarted the Firestick, downloaded Troypoint, and got the message again.
I’m stuck. HELP?


This setup tutorial gets emailed to every user.

This should help.

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Thanks for your input. I’ve installed 8 firesticks and always used downloader and entered " This time it downloads and refused to install giving me a message “apps from unknown sources” is not checked and it is.

If you are loading on a newer Firestick every time you add a new app or apk it will ask you this and you have to say yes (check the box) for each new app. It was nice on older versions to just click it once and be done, all changes are not always for the better. LOL

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What Firestick are you using? On the older models it was simply a one click for all apps setting to allow downloads from unknown apps, now you must go into each app that you want to enable the option on individually.


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