Troypoint app link isn’t working

When I type the link in the downloader, it brings me to a 404 page

Welcome! Try Maybe you misspelled? Just a thought

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Clicking your link gets this>>>>

This page doesn’t seem to exist.

It looks like the link pointing here was faulty. Maybe try searching?

That’s the one on the Troypoint site. Are you looking to download it onto your Android TV?

@Miki I see what you’re saying. Getting a URL error in Downloader. Maybe @TROYPOINT can help solve this mystery


Try this.

Looks like host issues and maybe some server issues. Could be maintenence.

Agree on that,… tried to go on website and got a error earlier, …just showed a snapshot

Hello Everyone, we are having problems with our web server. We are currently working on it and it will be fixed shortly. Thank you.

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Thanks @TROYPOINT I had faith you would chime in with the answer

Website is back up. Thanks for your patience!


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