Troy point images not loading

almost everything i get from troypoint is missing images. there is a box, but the
only thing it shows is a tiny question mark. the top box is always empty. the rest is hit and miss. the ipvanish stuff is always there. the instruction is there, but not the

this is true for older pages as well. complete instructions but no pictures.
what to do.

Hey @questions I’d dump the Troypoint RAI app & reload it…& while you’re at it…reboot your device & router…old/bad memory out…new/good memory in. :cowboy_hat_face:

sorry for the misunderstanding. i meant his emails which i receive almost every day. i also get notifications, but the same problem. firestick works fine. it’s just the email missing images.

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Are you running an ad blocker or any other filtering software?


Depends on your mail services. The images come with the standard troypoint logo at the top of the page. Outlook shows them just fine where proton for me wont. It’s something you my have to change in your emails settings. If im on my phone it doesnt always show where as my browser it does.

I have to click a “show remote content” and it all loads.


Also good point. Was that in proton mail? I never really bothered with the images as it didnt matter to me. But for others im sure it will help.

Sorry @TP-Dracoo I should have mentioned that. It was in my ProtonMail but after the first couple of times doing it I realized it was mostly logos and headers and stuff so I no longer clicked on them as the articles are what’s important.

ahh okay, its the same setup for outlook to, simply show images. I will turn it on for fun now.

just checked proton mail. no better. i’m using mac mail. this is only a recent problem. it worked fine until a few weeks ago. don’t see a ‘show remote content’
the ip vanish part of every email is complete with pictures and text. the instruction
photos are the missing ones. when i look at older instructional pages all the photos are missing as well. all the text seems to be there.


The suggestion mikki mentioned works, i just did. Its on the top of the email page show remote content.

load remote content is in mail preferences, but it’s already selected.

This is Troy’s latest news letter. I click to open it and there is the option.

just talked to apple. they can’t figure it out either.
i see this image, but i think it’s a different program. i’m using mac mail.

Oh ya, could be a mac issue. I’ve never tried Mac. I’m now completely 'droid.

i just looked online. apparently this is a common problem, but no one seems to have an answer. thank all of you for trying.


still can’t get images on safari. however, firefox seems to work.
i use a mac.

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