Troy and all his staff

Also a Canuck. East of Ottawa. Greetings!

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Welcome to this amazing community created by Troy. I’m also Canadian but live in Mexico. One huge piece of advice I can give anyone here is to use the SEARCH function, as a good lot of the time, your questions can be answered with a simple search and then read read read or watch the great instructional videos Troy has gone to great length to make for all of us. My second piece of advice is to read all, and I mean ALL of the rules. There are a lot of good people here.



Hi miki my name is Dennis. I’ve been reading a bunch of your posts. I was wondering if you’d be able to get a hold of me please for a couple questions I have? I’d greatly appreciate it and you and your time. My email is ******* I will and can discuss other options contact me when we speak. Miki I again ty sir for your time. Look forward to hearing from you sir.
Thank you
Dennis Brown


I wouldn’t be posting your email publicly. I edited. I want to welcome you to our community!

I’d suggest making a topic if you need help. You need a bit more time on here before someone can pm you otherwise you can discuss things through our personal msg system

Again welcome to our community.

I’m sure he will post in your topic and discuss any issues you have, the community here is very helpful.


Sorry about that can you direct me to a ppv, sports etc free to watch please. Seems as if some of these other sites are going down. Just as you get used to them lol
Thank you
Dennis brown

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Hi and welcome to the site. Try using the search icon on top of the page. You can find almost everything you need there and if not there then Post the question in the appropriate category. Hope this helps . I know it takes time but the best is to just start reading any and all on the subject you need. But the search button is your friend


Did you get my PM? If so please let me know, and thank you.

I wanted to to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to those that are in America. It’s a great holiday to remind everyone to be thankful for what we have. Today I am thankful for Troy, the team, Founding members, Patrons and everyone in this forum for the amazing work that has gone into this forum to make it was it is today. I’m excited for what’s to come as Troy has a lot more great ideas in the future. Spread the joy this weekend when the family is around by sharing how we all have “ cut the cord” and in doing so have saved hundreds if not thousands of dollars, I’m sure they to will be thankful. Have a great weekend and enjoy the time spent with loved ones and even those not so loved ones.
P.S good luck to everyone that enters the Thanksgiving draw Troypoint has going on.