Trouble with sports

Anyone having trouble with the crew sports 19.4 on second gen firestick cant get any sports to play


Maybe, its free so it tends to come and go.

Well thats a first for me in sports

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Same here. Just tried to get the Rangers/Red Sox game. No sports tab working at all in the Crew. Also, a first for me. It does that from time to time.

two cents here…we need the crew, its really all I use in kodi…when I use it.

Only thing i use the crew for is Mlb, Soccer is best on Rising tides and Asgard Sport hd.

l use rising tides or sports hd working ok so far

Sports is always a bit hit and miss in The Crew. Can’t agree that if an App is free you should expect it to be below par. If you make the effort to put an App out there, maintain it! :sunglasses:

try lepto apk for soccer best so far


Tried Letpo and found the constant adds a put off. Is the version you are using have game pop ups?

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Got it up an running had to update