Trouble with my profile....I think

I’m new here - 2days ago. And I don’t see a topic for my issue.
I got about 100 emails last night for this sight. I believe i got one from everyone who posted since I joined. In my profile I asked to be notified when:
someone messages me
someone quotes me responds to something I posted.
I got all these emails on topics that I neither understand or have interest in.
Can someone please help me to set up to only get notifications for the 2 areas mentioned above

Thanks in advance

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Hello @jtdv welcome to the Insider.

Click your profile image then click Preferences. You will see a Notifications area and then under that is Categories. You can turn on what you want to “watch” regarding Categories. Right now in your profile, you are currently watching IPTV which has had a ton of posts so that’s why you are seeing so much action.

Thanks for the help. But, when I go to the notifications in the preferences area , I do not see a categories selection section. What I have on my screen is an area where i can see:

I must be doing something wrong. Can you steer me through this maze???
Again, Thanks

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Right after I sent the follow-up, I somehow fell into the page of which you spoke.
The change is done I unselected IPTV. Now I have nothing selected. Will I stll get emails if someone asks me a question or mentions me???

@jtdv yes if you didn’t change the settings directly under Notifications. There are also some settings there as well. Glad you got it! I will be releasing a video within the next few days with tips on how to use the site and I will cover that info as well. Thanks for the reply.

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