Trouble installing Diggz 7.1

Having a problem installing 7.1 on Kodi 19.3. When installing the add on from the Chef Matrix Wizard, it gets to the box where it is supposed to show downloaded content, but it locks, and an error is posted to the log (which is not helpful). Anyone else have this issue or solution? Thanks

I had the same issue today. It looks like Diggz, Slamious, Grindhouse, Cellardoor and NoLimits could be finished. Slamious and Cellardoor both posted that they were getting out of the builds and that their repos were no longer available.

An hour or so after I posted, I tried it again (4th time) and this time it downloaded (verrry slowly) and installed. …

I kept getting notifications using green Monster Build (slamious) that the wizard was no longer available. But it still worked. I just due to getting annoyed with all the notifications uninstalled it on my shield. I went to unlinked and downloaded it but once I tried Opening slamious wizard I couldn’t get to the builds. Since I Still had it on my chromebook I got the send anywhere app and sent it to my shield. It still works like a charm ,but for how long , we will find out. It’s a pity as the Green Monster from " Slamious " is one of the best working builds I’ve ever used. It had 2 things that I hadn’t ever had on any builds previously. It had an enable all feature that with a simple push of 1 button it not only enabled all apps ,but they ALL worked. It alxo had an add-this app that I believe is from da-butcher, that will pop any app to your build without having to go through the work of using zip files and whatelse not. It’s a sad day to see that many builders hang it up all at once. They are some smart “cookies”.

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