Trouble authenticating with IPTV provider after having account upgraded

In keeping with the rules, will not mention the name of the provider. But in short, initial setup/connection etc went smoothly. Decided to then upgrade for 6 month term (I know, not best idea) but seems like that part went smoothly. I then opted to upgrade to their option of 2 concurrent connections over their standard, 1. Soon after that was implemented, I no longer can connect to their service. I get “userid expired or inactive” as soon It tries to connect. The provider actually has been good so far at responding to my tickets having my try different VPN locations, asking for screenshot of where I inputted the credentials they provided, and lastly, providing me with a test userid/password to try. Got the same results with those credentials. Everything else works fine (Prime TV) on the stick/network/vpn, but my connection with the IPTV service suddenly stopped. On both TV’s. Same error consistently. I’ve cleared cache for VPN/the IPTV service/Tivimate, rebooted the firestick, rebooted my router. Everything I can think of. Ticket is still open but most recent response has slowed from the support team. Any suggestions on anything else to try?

Unfortunately, this is a problem only they can fix. It is odd that you had good luck with the first sub and then after the upgrade something isnt working quite right. I would just keep having them troubleshoot for you. It may take them giving you new credentials, but they will be able to decide.

Ugh. Was afraid of that. Yes, it literally was working 100% flawlessly. Maybe its a coincidence of some sort with the timing, but yes, occurred within like 30 mins of the upgrade to the account. Tried all I can on my end, so will continue to work with them. Thanks for the reply.

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Yea, you need to speak to your provider.