Transferring apps

Currently have a firestick 2nd generation. Purchased a 4k firestick and was wondering how to transfer all my apps from one stick to another… aka ipvanish cinema etc.

The easiest way is to use Troy’s rapid app installer. On your new device, after initial setup, download the downloader app. Open it and enter https://troypoint. com/tpapp. That’ll install the rapid app installer. Then open it up and download and install each app you want on your new device. After this is done you can open each app and play with their settings. The first thing I do is set up real debrid for each downloaded app. For apks like cinema and cyberflix, I choose the video player I want each to use, like mxplayer or vlc player. APK built-in players buffer too much in my opinion. Make sure you download these video players via the rapid app installer.


thanks for the reply. I don’t have real debrid. Will it work with area 51 if you’re familiar with that?

Apart from Troypoint, another good way to load apks are the various filelinked stores, which have their individual numeric codes. A lot of IPTV services have their own filelinked store codes for downloading their apks.

To get area 51, use the downloader app. Type in Filelinked will download. Install it. Then open filelinked, enter code 21488249. You’ll see the area 51 apk. Download it and you’ll have it on your fire tv.