Trakt not syncing

I’ve noticed that tv shows on all my apps and Kodi are not syncing the tv shows. Anyone else has this problem??

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I am having the same problem for the last few days. I reauthorized and problem persist.

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Ragg, mine now is working again. Hopefully you are back in business.

No still hasn’t. Did you do anything, or did it just started working again??

It just started working. You can try going to settings and rebuilding Trakt after you reauthorize.

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Thanks for your response. I like that people try to help each other out on this platform


Reset everything and try again. I find trakt works the best with syncler seren weyd… but even then it had hiccups. Sometimes its server sided.

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Mine has been fickle for months… Like it will show that it syncs at Kodi startup, but shows I have watched are not checked off. Sometimes resetting and re-authorizing helps but most times it does not, so I have resorted to manually checking off shows etc. right after watching them. Even doing that in some addons will not show a check mark, just depends on which one I guess. I still mainly use Crew for most of my needs.

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