Trakt list not downloading in Syncler

Trakt list are not downloading in Syncler on my fire stick 4k. When I first installed Syncler and added my Trakt account it worked. Now for some reason it’s showing the collection and other lists headings but no content. Anyone else having this problem?

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Yes, there is another fb forum which is discussing this issue. It appears to be only happening with people who do not have the Syncler+ subscription but use the free version. Right now there is no fix unless you want to pay for Syncler+. I’m looking into trying SIMKL.

Thanks for the info. I may look into

Hi @Kyboy, if privacy is something you think about or concern about, check out this discussion #apks SIMKL vs Trakt here on @TroypointInsider. Just a thought

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To bermudagirl77. I didn’t finish my comment. I was going to say I may look into SIMKL also.

Thanks I will. It seems almos

Just wanted to let everyone know there is an update to Syncler that fixes the issue with Trakt list not populating. This update did fix the problem I was having. Hope it works for you. Just launch the Syncler app and the update should automatically start.



The update fixed this.

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Thanks Dracoo for your reply. I know it worked for me and was hoping it worked for others.

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