Trac and real debrid on Cinema

Just did up date on cinema and now the streams show trac and debrid combined . Then when you select a stream you just get the circle going around and around. Debrid has always showed up as stand alone in the past updates. Has anyone else had this problem ? Thanks.

Debrid was having an issue with Cinema screwing up their site they may have done something about it…

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I have not noticed that but has anyone noticed since the last update that Cinema is now running in the background. I download a program from the amazon store called Background Apps and Process List which show you what is running in the background and allows you to kill the process. Well now throughout the day Cinema shows up as running as well as ES File Explorer and CyberFlix even after killing the process. I have not figured out what the time frame is after killing the process that it comes back

Update to the comment:

I use the iptv smarters to keep all my iptv services together under one apk. Every time I start the app it brings in cyberflix into the background and eventually Cinema. I wonder if some of the iptv services are using Cyberflix and cinema to provide Movies and series…