Tivo Stream 4k - My Thoughts

I would start with the fan before upping juice.

Trying not to jinx it, but we have been watching for hours with no reboots after I installed this:

I have been eyeing phone coolers as fans for smaller boxes, and I’ve been dying to try it out.


I’ve got to say this…now yall can pick on @AMD237 for his flying saucer looking android things and see now i’m normal :rofl:

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Higher amperage rating doesn’t mean that the Tivo Stream will be exposed to, or use more current. It simply means that the transformer or wall wart has more reserve capacity. There is no downside.


For anyone curious how my new contraption is working…the unit shows between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius at all times and after hours and hours it hasn’t rebooted once. I am honestly shocked it works this well and that seems to have been the issue? Time will tell I guess but that is a slick little cooler.

I think you got it AMD237. Glad it was only that.

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It just makes me wonder why, though…are all these Stream 4k unusable when the heat starts to build? Do they all do this? If not, why do some over heat and reboot and some not? Sticks in general stink at heat dissipation, but almost nobody is crazy enough to go to the length that I did lol.

Yes it is curious, let’s hope it’s a select few and they implemented a fix in production. Otherwise everyone better buy a fan with one!

@TXRon …i think normal is a bit of a stretch…why don’t we call it an “ELITE CLUB with a flair for the Xtreme cuz we got the knowledge and ain’t afraid to jump rite in and do it and damn it it’s fun toooo:joy:

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In this case my “stick-to-it-ivness” was necessary, apparently. In most cases, it is way overkill. :rofl: :crazy_face: :disguised_face: :nerd_face:

I’ve been using them for a couple years and I like(d) them way more than the Firestick. However, they fail under regular use after about 1 1/2 years.

I just bought an Nvidia Shield ($150) and been using it for about 1 week. I like it so far but I haven’t used it long enough to fairly judge it.

FYI, I only use my devices for streaming from Syncler, Cinema HD, Plex (home server), and occasional ESPN PPV.

Yea it gives us something to do…like heres my gaming rig :rofl: :roll_eyes: :skull:


@TXRon nice dual fan set up…so does the ugoos run that hot?

Not really, its currently being used for online golf, so mostly to cool the golf balls :joy:

I tried a TiVo stream 4k, along with a lot of other devices, and found it to be a very solid performer for the price and would have no problems recommending it to a friend, and actually gave it to someone who is still using it and enjoys it. My experience with most streaming devices tested ,has been,They are all pretty much the same, except for a few.(shield,newest fire tv cube to name a few)

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I replaced my 1a brick with a 3a and no more prob.
Forum said 2a will work too