Tivo Stream 4K Internal Memory - MISC

I have a TS4K that has been working fine for quite some time, until today. The dongle is telling me that I have limited storage. This unit has been upgraded with a 32 MB memory stick, and all apps moved to the external storage. The unit generally indicates (under internal storage) that I have more than 2 GB available. Looking at the internal storage categories, I noticed that there is a category (subdirectory?) called MISC that contains 2.5 GB of something. I have cleared all app cache, run SD Maid, rebooted, complete power cycled, and this 2.5 GB of data is still present. I am hoping that someone can tell me how to delete this data. The last thing I want to do is a factory reset as rebuilding one of these boxes is a time consuming PITA. With only about 250 KB of available memory remaining, I not even sure if I can D/L a file manager that would allow me to view/delete whatever is in that directory. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Its probably a system file so you cant delete it or related to the system.

But im unsure, dont have this device. But if you cant clear it that might be why.

Thanks for the input. I looked at one of my two other dongles, and find zero bytes of data in MISC. Why this suddenly showed up today is beyond me. Hopefully someone else can provide a solution. As I indicated, rebuilding one of these is a time consuming painful process. Sure wish there was some way to get a box configured and working, then be able to back it up such that it could be factory reset, then restored. Maybe it’s time to look for a more elegant solution.

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