Tivimate v IPTV

I am using IPTV PRO.
Does anyone know if Tivimate is any better?

I don’t think you’ll find anyone say anything negative about Tivimate around here.


Hands down two different worlds. TiviMate is so customizable from font size to changing the color, creating categories and reordering them. It’s capabilities are great


Tivimate is the G.O.A.T. for streaming devices. I even have it installed on my tablet. I know of another person who even installed it on their phone.

There is one other player app I am researching, Televizo. It is a very good app for tablets and phones because it is optimized for touchscreen. The only issue with that app is the dev has a squabble going on with Google and Amazon. So his premium version of the app is not available. His free version is not really worth my time, but am keeping an eye open for when the premium becomes available again. You can download the app via 3rd party and test it out. You can use the premium version for 1 hour free by watching an ad.

But in NO way is this app better than Tivimate!


Was going to add a comment,but you said it all


Thanks for the response.


Sounds good. I’m going to download today.

Can you record programs with IPTV? you can w tivimate

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And multi-screen.
Great for football season.


Don’t think so. I haven’t seen anywhere too.

Like everyone says, Tivimate is the ONLY player to use. So versatile as long as you’re using the premium version which only costs around $5.00 a year if I remember correctly…been using it for over 2 years or so.

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Thanks. I’m just having a bit of trouble trying to get and load on my firestick.

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sup Roy…

Where u lookin?..

Are you familiar with Troys Rapid installer? (Thats where it is)

Or is it not downlding properly?

& yes (like the rest hv said) Tivimate sets the bar… makes it where u can build your own cable like netwrk dwn to the last detail

& yes it duz work killer on my phone

Can you tell how to install tivimate on my tablet. I would love to have it on there.

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I used the fire toolbox to get rid of most Amazon stuff. Then downloaded the Tivimate app. I used a 3rd party site. Can’t remember but most likely APKPure. TP’s RAI has it. So I would try that first. I know I had to install the download using the X-Plore package installer.

Also, you will need to install a phone remote to aid in navigating within the app a little better. Although, once you have your stuff setup the way you want. Then you won’t need to use the remote very much.

Btw, I have a Fire HD 10 Tablet (11th gen)


I forgot about the rapid app installer.
I’ve got it now.

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