Tivimate recording to computer

I set up scheduled recording, but it doesn’t seem to record? I tested recording on the spot, and it works. But doesn’t work for scheduled recordings.
Any thoughts?

One thing you might check is that the folder you have chosen for your recordings has the correct ‘sharing’ settings.

Hey @Clowie Not sure what iptv service or free playlist you’re recording from…but, if an iptv service, & you only have one connection, you can’t be watching anything else while a recording is going on. You can record & watch the same channel with only one connection…but not different channels. If you’re aware of this, then nevermind…but it has come up on this forum before. :cowboy_hat_face:


Thanks for getting back to me!
My iptv provider let’s me have up to 5 connections. So I don’t think that’s the problem. It’s weird. I’ve tested recording a channel by just hitting record on that channel. And it works fine. But when I try and schedule a recording it never works. It always says it recorded for 1 min? I’ve looked into my epg, to make sure the channels and times are right, and they seem to be fine.
So I’m stumped. I’m thinking it might be a problem on my computer, but not sure


Copy that…you are not alone…a number of people have had issues recording with tivimate. After reading your post, I set up a custom 5 minute recording on a random channel & it worked fine for me. Hopefully, someone else suggests something that helps. :cowboy_hat_face:

just an fyi. The stream to record needs to be good. Any interuptions (of any kind) will kill the recording in progress


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