Tivimate Recording Problem

So I am assuming the recorded content goes to your computer to be accessed by other boxes? This was a very interesting video

Yes, absolutely!

Thanks!! Also, are you the one that doesn’t use a PN with your IPTV? If so why? Today I’m trying to watch the games and everything I have buffers. Turn off the VPN(ipv) and it works well, no buffering. But there are times it only plays well with the VPN on. I have 3 players, TM, Sparkle and Smarters, just to play with. I have a version of alibaba on the Smarters and Hoot on the others. My speed is only 25mbps but usually has not been an issue. I know some VPNs throttle down sppeeds when on , but never experiencd this with IVP

No, my vpn is always active, but I do have all the legit media apps whitelisted.

I wouldn’t make any judgements during the holiday season. There a lot more air traffic and a lot of people are all on retirement time. Meaning there’s a lot more people watching TV during the day when they most likely were in school or working. lol

How does recording work in terms of process. Does the shield need to be on and the IPTV app loaded? Can I record programs in the future?

Assuming Tivimate here but open to options if there’s better?

Yes, your device needs to on, but it can be asleep. The same with Tivimate. You don’t need to be actively watching or using Tivimate to record.

You will need a minimum of 2 connections if you watch and record at the same time. So, make sure your paid sub is at least 2 connections.

Using Tivimate you can set a recording for as far in the future your epg will allow.

Btw, if you are planning on recording the game. I would test record a channel so you know the procedure.