Tivimate Recording only 1 min on MeKool KM2

I switched from an Amazon Firetv so I could use the MeKool KM2 external storage option, but when I try to record, I on;y get 1 minute of recording. The program says I have all 180 mins of the show, but it only has 1 min. Any suggestions?

What is your external storage formatted to?

I formatted it on the Mecool. Just tried reformatting on there and now wont allow me to select the USB as the folder path

Tivimate seems to be finicky on its IPTV recordings when the channel signal goes in and out. I wonder if the channel temporarily went offline after the recording started, and it left a blank screen for the remainder of the recording.

Now, no channels work, Getting Error code 409

I usually format to ntfs on my pc first and then move to the mecool and tell it to set up as extenal and generally thats it. Then I use xplore to go in to the external drive and under downloads I create a folder called recordings. Then I go into tivimate and direct tivi to that folder.

edit… make sure to check all permissions in the mecool as well

Try opening the recording on external player like mx player when I have issues with playback on tivimate recording. Also if you don’t find an answer IPTV extreme player from tp rai records perfect never have an issue with recording on that player always use it as a backup option to record when I run into issues with tivimate

Did you point tivimate to a folder on the mekool storage?

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