TiviMate not working now

Have had Tivimate for over 2 years and have loved all its features. It quit working on all my devices. Bought the life time subscription. So I know that is not the issue. Any advice. Thanks for any help…


What is it doing?

I have heard people’s lifetimes subscriptions go and need renewal.

Try support with tivimate. Login to your tivimate and see if your subscription is still active.

It’s obviously a glitch if that happened.

Thanks for responding. My subscription is still good. I was able to fix my issues. Found out my IPTV provider had changed there Xtream address without informing me. AS soon as I put the correct address in Xtreasm everything began working. .



That’s good, I was going to say. You where not to eleberate on the issue and it sounded similar to a subscription glitch.

All good tho. Glad it was resolved. :slight_smile: