TiviMate not working now

Have had Tivimate for over 2 years and have loved all its features. It quit working on all my devices. Bought the life time subscription. So I know that is not the issue. Any advice. Thanks for any help…


What is it doing?

I have heard people’s lifetimes subscriptions go and need renewal.

Try support with tivimate. Login to your tivimate and see if your subscription is still active.

It’s obviously a glitch if that happened.

Thanks for responding. My subscription is still good. I was able to fix my issues. Found out my IPTV provider had changed there Xtream address without informing me. AS soon as I put the correct address in Xtreasm everything began working. .



That’s good, I was going to say. You where not to eleberate on the issue and it sounded similar to a subscription glitch.

All good tho. Glad it was resolved. :slight_smile:

Subscription glitch sounds like what I’ve been going through . . . I cannot subscribe. Have been trying for the past week on my skystream device. I’ve tried subscribing through the google store tivimate app and tried using the tivimate companion app on my Mac (through bluestacks) and still no luck. Sent the tech support a message but haven’t heard back from them. Any ideas?

There is an anomaly with the Tivimate software.
I have 2 accounts. (Both Premium) 1 livingroom works fine. Man Cave (of course) not working. After 2 errors loading URL, UN and PW, (info correct) 3rd time it loads. Schedule looking great. However, no sound or video. Appears to be buffering but is not. Download testing revels 180mpg avg. Both Firesticks have same ver. Update, Both 4k, same router, same VPN and settings, and same network. Also did a reset and started over. Still same outcome.
Note: livingroom not in use when Man Cave is active.
So, any ideas ?

Hey FS guy & welcome…

If u have a flashdrive setup…

Maybe u can backup Tivimate settings from the good stick… & restore on the other (its how i keep all my stix the same)

& check your available space on the cave stick

If not maybe try putting credentials in cave first (make sure to backup Tivimate first so u don’t lose your setup)

Someone else had a similar issue and it turned out their player was set to SW decoding and they changed it to HW+ and they had sound and vid.


Great point Miki… forgot about that

Thanks for the suggestion.
However, I have tried both HW and SW to no avail. Tried multiple IPV configurations with same result. Also, tried on different internet provider and network. Same thing.

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Did you try HW+ as it’s different than HW.

how many connections from the iptv provider have u got? (really shldnt matter) just wonderin

What has me stumped is two identical sticks with the same setup, one works, one doesnt. I know this souns far fetched but what about taking the working one from the living room, plug it into your man cave ( oh God that sounded rude) and see if it works. If it does then perhaps try programming the man cave stick in the livingroom. I’m just grasping at straws.

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I’m to that point now. Have been working AFS for a long time. Don’t see how location would make a difference. But … I’m at that point.
BTW , thank for the input

I’ll have to sedate the wife to kill the livingroom.
Will reply after the mission is underway … lol

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Lol FSG…

Wear a helmet!

Lol. BTW you are The_Firestick_Guy, I am StickmannOnFire.

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Cannot get Tivimate to play video on any new install. Ver 4. Downloaded previous ver with same result. All locations work with Smarters Pro.
Will just use Smarters for now.
While I continue to debug.
Router settings net.

Was hoping TROY had input.

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Will give that a try. thanks

I was able to get my tivimate working. I had found out that my IPTV provider had changed there Xtreme Code address and not letting me know… After getting the correct address URL, everything stared working as before.

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