Tivimate not saving backup settings

Hey guys, I downgraded Tivimate to 4.2 after having playlist issues with 4.3. The app would just stop recognizing playlist URL’s and I would have to clear Tivimate’s cache and settings on my Shield and re-input the info all over again. The problem I’m having now with 4.2 is that I’m unable to save Tivimate’s backup settings to the SSD drive I have attached to my Shield. It worked great using the system picker in 4.3, but if I attempt to do the same with 4.2 it freezes Tivimate and crashes the app altogether. Has anyone had this issue and found a fix? A

Do I have an IP address to a SATA SSD drive attached to my Shield?

Have you updated your shield to 9.0.2? That’s supposed to fix most of the bugs with saving to storage. Instead of using system picker as an option.

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Yes. I even updated the hotfix before 9.0.2.

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