Tivimate guide control not working

How to get the remote control to sitting menu. It keep going out and have to keep restarting TiVimate again. control work sometime and then quits.


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You have to hit your okay button that back a few times to get to your menu. To get to settings.

Watch troypoints guides on his website.

All of this info is explained, there is a tivimate video on here as well.


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thank you. but sometimes the tivimate keeps going back to restart and I got start it all over again should I reinstall it or what cause it to keep going in and out.


That’s a strange issue. Tivimate mate works with the service you have.

It typically doesn’t freeze or go out. You can try that. Uninstall and reinstalling.

I’d talk to your service support as well.

Here is the developer contact info: ar.mobile.dev@gmail.com

I needed to contact him when I first installed Tivimate, and he answered fairly quickly with his response and solution.


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