Tivimate error innupdating playlist

Tivimatre is not updating pplay list.It says error chek your. Play list and interneet connection .Everything is fine my play list is working but not updating Any commends.


You can always put in something short & positively known to work like Tubi or Pluto just to check things out.

https://www.apsattv.com/tubi.m3u or https://i.mjh.nz/PlutoTV/us.m3u8

Edit: Pardon me…I misread your post…still try one of the playlists I sent & see if they update without error.


One other thing @sathi If your playlist still works but is not updating (shows something other than update successful on date/time) you may want to get with your provider, as all playlist updates come from their servers.

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I get that from time to time also. I figure it’s because of the dozen or so m3u playlists I have installed.

When that happens I will update each one manually and will usually pinpoint the offending culprit.

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Roger that…I’m assuming that’s the only playlist he has & it’s a paid one…but who knows. I do remember having update problems with one of my past paid services & they were just doing some spring cleaning & rearranging the content on their servers…& was rectified in a day or so. Hopefully, his problem is similar…

It is a free m3u8 only .

OK…then Powerfader or Miki might be able to help you more, as they are the resident experts on the free M3U/8 files.

I have only one play list and it is a free m3u8.

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Never know about freebies. The developer could have got bored with it and quit updating.

I have one freebie that’s always lacking and am thinking of getting rid of it.

Do the F2V and DeltaSr ones. They’re free, legal, and being maintained at the moment.

Here’s their Discord group.


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