Tivimate EPG doesn't work

I can’t get the Tivimate to load the tv guide or channel descriptions. I used the info supplied by my service but still doesn’t work

Are you still using the right xtreme code. My provider recently changed and nothing would work in TIvimate. After putting in the new xreteme code under “playlists” I was able to get everything running normally again.

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Hey Sadie…

If youve used xtreme code & your watching tv & yor email didnt have a separate EPG url (i’ve seen this before)…
& youve gone into settings- epgs- …made sure the source is listed & updated epgs(at the bottom) & still nothing…

Then it may be a lame service that doesnt keep up with their EPG…
Might have to get a trial from another to confirm its the service

thats my initial assessment


M3U playlist, or Xtream Codes? If you are using the M3U option then you must alos enter an EPG URL. The Xtream Codes (shortened URL) you do not enter an EPG code/url.

Also, make certain that EPG is assigned to that specific playlist. Then make sure you update the playlist and the EPG.

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