Tivimate didnt record while firestick asleep

If the fire stick is on sleep and hdmi is off will that keep TV made from recording
.Internet is connected.

No, from my understanding the firestick as to be awake. Sleeping mode pretty much shuts down everything so how can it run in the background while asleep? But if im wrong my bad.

Not sure about firestick but the Shield records while asleep. You said hdmi is off? Thats needed to stream in any event.

Good to know. Typically the unit has to be on like the pc or tv boxes. But times are different these days aha.

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actually its asleep, so I guess that would be on but taking a break :grimacing: :rofl:

Sup AJā€¦

To record during sleep you probly need to set a reminder in tivimate (to wake) to go along with yor recordng (to make sure yor box wakes up)

Try goin into Tivimateā€¦

Turn on wake from sleep

(& maybe set remindr to a minute b4 start)
then u can set remind/recrd for the same progrm

HDMI shldnt matter



Ya the HDMI is just the connection to the tv however it does wake it uo.