Tivimate and Surfshark

Hi, I have Tivimate last Version 4.7.0 and it works without VPN. BUT when I connect Surfshark it gives me erverytime error code 401. Also it doesn’t refresh the channel list. Also checked different server and also Kliiswitch on-off, and all Protocol.
I hope that someone has a solution, thanks

Check the surfshark credentials and make sure input properly. 401 code is unauthorized

thanks for the answer. Surfshark work well, only problems with Tivimate

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try going into settings a deleting tivimate cache, reboot, retry

*** not data, only cache

Try server locations all over the world…like Paris, Hong Kong, etc. , just to see if they work.

Also, what are your speeds with VPN on?

This is a “beta” version and may have glitches. The latest “official” release is 4.6.1 Try uninstalling the beta and installing the official and see if it integrates with Tivimate properly.


I have had the Beta all along and use SS daily with no issues.

Try updating the individual playlists one at a time.

Btw, what is your streaming device?

I repeat. I DO NOT have any problems or issues with my playlists or EPGs. I’m not using the Beta as there are some issues with it. You know what device I use.

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I have one IPTV service, that I now use as a 1 connection backup, that WILL NOT update itself or the EPG on the New York Surfshark server. I can’t explain it, I don’t understand it. My other services are perfect on it. When I asked the tech support within that backup service about it they told me to change to a server in Asia. I laughed, and then it worked lol.

Your device, your choice.

Not sure what ya mean PF? I’m not having any issues with TiViMate and so there’s nothing needs to be done, regardless of what device I’m using. But tx for thinkin of me.

Well, you did post about an issue here in the Lounge, and you posted a few times about an issue in Discord. I was just trying to help and reassure you that the Beta is working fine.

Lol. I was posting about about an option that someone else posted to a question from another person, and his advice contained options that no longer exist in TiViMate. So we were discussing that and experimenting with a similar option now in the new version, to see what it did. Ya missed a bunch of posts.

Hi, and thanks to all for the replay. I checked everything. At the end I installed all on my Phone.
And it works well.
Then it is my device, it is a Xiaomi Mi Box. I ordered the homatics pro. Hope that will work.
Thanks a lot again

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