Tivimate and HD Homerun

Just an fyi to the Troypoint community. For those of you who use hd homerun to view/watch your local channels and find the homerun app across all devices sux… well this info is for you. I contacted the developer of Tivimate((hat tip tip to @Miki ))… And ask him if he would consider implementing homerun into the tivimate system. Basically allowing you to automatically add all local ota channels to the tivimate mix and He is strongly looking into it for a future release. This is already possible but not simple for the average user and I have been looking for a better more easy implementation. I will keep you updated if I hear anything. :+1: :sunglasses:


I don’t use HD Homerun but for those that do, it’s great news!

Hopefully he will implement other tuners also. I also have a tablo which I actually use the most but tablo is much more of a closed system sorta like roku’s. However ive seen tablo working with plex devs in the past.


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@TXRon, any update on getting my HD Homerun starions to play through tivimate? Sure would be a great integration.

Nothing directly from tivimate but it is possible with xteve/tvheadend on a local server to route hdhomerun channels to tivimate…takes a little work