Tivimate 4.2.0. Final released

Final version of tivimate 4.2.0 released
Downloader code 191081



Thanks for letting us know, I’m sure it will be added to the rai.

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Thanx stew

Mine re-updated this am too…
Also new i think is the “assign EPG” is a little faster…

:+1: …downloading now

Re-updated? There used to be check for updates under settings/other, on this version it’s gone on mine.

Can anyone explain the first 3 items?

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You can update playlist by set amount of time, whatever you set it to, instead of playlist change or start up. The second one I use manual sorting .3rd one is 42/7 or channels with no guide info had no program info, was just continuous, now it’s divided into hours so you can record

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Playlist by intervals is when you are using an m3u that requires continual updates to operate. I have one that needs interval of 4 hours or less.

the virtual is for recording when there is no epg present. This way even though the system can’t read a channel description and or time. Apparently, you will still have limited recording capabilities using one-hour slots of time.

Not certain about sorting channels by “added time”. There is already an option to sort by time watched. So idk…?

Thanks for the post. Updated from the Beta 4.2.0

Hey PF can I simply update and it will overwrite my present install? Or do I need to do a backup, uninstall and install the new one?
Never mind. As soon as I opened TiVi it gave me an update request and I installed it. DOH.


I said re-updated, cuz i was already on 4.2… didnt mean to confuse

yep, it overwrites automatically

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How do I update tivimate on my Nvidia Shield Pro. Thanks

Check for New Version


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Thanks for your help.


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