Tivimate 4.1.0. Beta

Ran across this a bit ago.
Downloader : 49151


Has TP updated this app on his RAI yet?


Not yet. Not updated on unlinked yet ether.


Thanks for letting us know.

When I purchased tivimate I believe I opted in to beta releases and so far it hasnt been pushed out.

Ok, thanks. I’ll wait and wait and see what happens on chat sites.

Seems like “tunneled playback” is working pretty good so far, seen it on reddit/ tivimate. Tunneled playback what I am reading is supported on firestick os 6/7 but, not on some shields.


Hello Everyone, I just added the TiviMate 4.1.0 Beta to my Rapid App Installer. The stable version 4.0.0 is still there as well.


Also I signed in to my google account and the beta was waiting to be updated