Tivimamate's Logo's Folder

Does anyone know where Tivimate’s logo folder is located,
there are a few missing since the update,

If you go to settings>Appearance >Logos>Logos folder you can choose “folder path” and enter the path to the folder where you saved logos but as you may have forgotten it you can also “Select folder” and scroll through to see if you can find the logos.

Yes trying but can’t find tivimates default,

I downloaded a few but when I choose the logo folder i saved them in all empty logos become one of the ones I downloaded, from the folder I created, now all my empty ones become the one I downloaded,

Did you go onto settings>playlists and click on the playlist you are getting logos for and then click Logos priority and choose your source? Also under Appearance> Logos try turning off Inexact matching.

Good Show, that worked,

Glad it worked. Can you click “solution” on my response please. Then @TP-Dracoo can close the topic. Have a great day.