Titanium query regarding downloads

I seem to be unable to find a download facility in the new Titanium apk. Is there one there. I have downloaded it to my Firestick, Samsung S8 phone and Samsung Tab 2 tablet. It’s the same on all three.

Hello @j-hynes I haven’t used Titanium for awhile but just installed to see if I had same problem and I do. When you click and item to play, Download isn’t an option. Have you tried CyberFlix TV yet? That one still provides this option and it was recently updated and working very well in my opinion. BTW, you are first member to post in the new forum. Thank you!

Troy, perhaps you can remove titanium from your new rapid app installer as this installs the newest version. If that wasn’t there people will either not use titanium or if they already have an older version (1.9.10 works) like I do on two of my sticks. The download option is still working.
Just a thought.

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