Tired of firestick

Hello everyone, please advise. I’m so tired of the firestick 4k and Amazon updates. I’m going to purchase the Nvidia shield TV pro and would like to transfer all my apps from the USB that’s connected to the firestick. I need to know how to do it, I don’t want to lose my Kodi, cenima, and other streaming apps. Please advise, thanks in advance.



gona have to start over. Different systems require that. You can try kodi copy tools etc but likely will fail in the end.

You pretty much have to start over. Download all the apps (or Troypoint installer) and reinstall everything on your new device-of-the-month!

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You can give it a try for Kodi at least. Update to 19.4 before you switch devices if you have not already. Make sure you install 19.4 on the new device so they are the same versions.

On both devices go into the Kodi settings > Addons > Install from repository > Kodi repository > program addons. Look for the backup addon and install on both devices.

You’ll have to make a backup file on your old device and then transfer it to your new device somehow. Then open the backup addon on your new device and choose the restore from file option.

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Hmmm I think it depends on how you configured the USB, either internal or external storage. So if configured for internal and used to store apps only, it’s my understanding that you can simply power down the stick, unplug the usb from the OTG cable and plug it into another device and that device can read it. Now I have no experience doing this, I’m just going by sites like AFTVNEWS. But don’t give up hope, you have nothing to lose giving it a try and everything to gain.

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