Tips for resetting firestick max to factory

Think I’m gonna do a factory reset. I keep have to restart it. Any tips on how to make this process less painless (as in not having to reload everything all over again)? Is there a way to backup the system?

Lastly, when reinstalling Kodi, ect., how to I get it to recognize this is the same device so that I don’t use up my device/connection count on things like RD?


A factory reset is a reset you will have to do everything over again that’s the point of it. It’s to clear your stick if there is issues.

For sure, I understand that part. Which is why I was seeing if there were any suggestions to make that whole thing less painless.
Right now my plan is to so the factory reset, start with the TP supercharge jailbreak guide, and put the side loads back on there.
I have backed up Kodi and Tivimate and hope that will be restored fairly easy. Wondering if that means my RD account will count this as an additional device?
Anyway, thought before doing this reset, wanted to see if there was tips or advice from others who have done it.

Oh… and will the external hard drive need to be reformatted again, losing what is on there from moving apps to it from the internal storage?

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