Time to get a new VPN


I am looking to get a new VPN other than Nord and IPVanish. It will be used for streaming and leaving on all the time on my Windows, Desktop Computer, iPhone, and IPad. I am looking for one that is reliable with good speeds in the New York area.

Any sage advice would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to your response. *** Thank You.***

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Surfshark or ExpressVPN. In my opinion the two best right now.


Thanks ADM237 for your super fast response.

I agree. I have both but have had SS the longest. I picked up Express as a backup because well, you just never know. The Surfshark value is a great deal. Been a user since April ‘21. Used on everything in the house.

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ExpressVPN is terrific, the only drawback to it is why Troy won’t really endorse it…the limited connections (5). Surfshark is unlimited and actually gets the same if not better speeds for me. I was super happy with Express and wasnt going to try anything else, but I’m glad I did because I’m a SS believer now.


Express is a great service as well. It is fast but yes it’s expensive and limited connections

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Proton vpn. Although a bit pricier than the cheap #1s has worked flawlessly for me. On Windows and linux you have access to the full line of options, which is extensive, and even on streaming device os’s it has worked perfectly for me although less available options. Proton even has “speedup” tech coded in that boosts speeds. Mine runs consistently at 80-85 Mbps down on a 100Mbps feed. I got a 2 yr sub for about $6/mth.


I like SS, works fine fort me. I don’t use Kodi, so can’t give any advice there.


Reliability and speed is a must for me. I’ve been using ExpressVPN for 2 years and it’s never let me down. I live in south eastern Canada so fairly close to New York. The one thing I don’t like about ExpressVPN is the price, up here in Canada it’s not cheap.


LOOOOng time Surfshark user here and it comes down to trust for me. SS has taken care of any issue ive ever had even tho most issues back then were(usually) my own setup,
Another big factor is unlimited connections. I have it on my router and phone. I maintain anywhere between 20-30 connections at all times on various servers without issue and rare dropout and dropout is with kill switch if needed. Ive disabled kill switch on security cameras. My server actually runs on 2 surfshark servers at the same time. All in all a great product. Often bad reviews are related to one being locked in for long times to other services and with finding difficulty with a new interface. Its really a simple setup. :+1:


Thanks, to everyone for all your responses. Keep them coming.

Express VPN is also a good choice. I started using it 4 years ago and have never had a hiccup. The only thing you have to get over is the price, ($99 per year), and max simultaneous connections, (5). To me, the consistent high level of performance makes it worth the cost.


A few reasons big reasons we went with Surfshark as #1.

-Working kill switch on Fire TV / Android TV systems. In my opinion, what good is a VPN without a kill switch? Most that show this feature within streaming apps don’t actually work. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean it works.

-Unlimited devices.

-Ad blocker - the more I use this, I really like it. You will see a tutorial from us this weekend that puts this into action.

-Gets around geo-blocks for many of the popular streaming services.

-Great price.

I would suggest trying a few and see which you like the best. Most of them provide a money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase.

Good luck!


All those are great reasons to at least give it a shot. Just wanted to mention that their support has been fantastic for me with the very few issues I’ve had. I know that won’t be the case for all, but just putting it out there that they did take care of my issues


I have torguard at the moment. I accidentally bought multiple services and they quickly turned it into a 1 year. So far speed for me is faster than surfshark. No disconnections when set to auto connect. Wire guard and open vpn protocols available on my shield. For whatever reason I consistently get better speed using open VPN. No complaints so far

For a vast majority of IPs Open VPN UDP is their standard protocol coded into their system. Of course others work but don’t integrate as smoothly so have less speeds. Wireguard seems to be faster for IPs that support it. The Max has the ability to use WiFi 6 for any IPs that support it and for customers with wifi 6 routers.


I posted this yesterday. About VPN Protocols. Not sure if some will find it but I figured I’d post here because you’re talking protocols. You’re very helpful