Time Netspeed on FireTV

I love Time Netspeed and had it working on 4 sticks. I did have to make some system modifications on 2 to allow overlays, but all worked for over a year. In the past few days the app opens to a Youtube video explaining necessary modifications that look far more involved than what I did initially. I’m guessing this is due to a Fire OS update. Anyone else experienced this? Any easier fix than the YouTube vid?

Well I use that app also but I dont use a firestick, so no issues however all I can say is go into settings and give it permission everywhere and maybe get lucky in settings???

Use the built in system X-ray on the firestick. You’ll get the overlay with all the real time info you could need. :wink:

Thanks Miki. That’s something to keep in the toolkit, but too intrusive for full time use. Time Netspeed is very discrete on the screen and I’m mostly interested in time and netspeed (literally).

Ok. You can toggle the overlay on and off as well as adjust the transparency. It does all the net stuff but ya maybe to much info all at once.

Well I’ll be dipped. The Android app I use originally still works to enable overlays and is very easy. ADB Remote and Keyboard. I never use my Android tablet, but luckily I kept it around. Thanks for the assist. Xray will certainly come in handy.