They Just Don't Get It 😯

Fubo TV raising price, but adding unlimited DVR

Sorry to disagree TX.

Fubo undoubtedly has good data on how much money they lose when some customers cancel vs how much money they’ll make by the increase.

If Fubo carries locals (which I have no idea whether they do or not), those ‘broadcast fees’ demands are increasing by the nexstars & greys of the world…which another story in itself.

can see an increase in streamers coming on :+1:

Now there up to cable and Satellite prices! Good on you big business! Holy Crap!

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Fubo needs to fix the third party resellers issues first I can get a year of fubo with all the add-ons and DVR for $100.

No they don’t get it.Just like these sat/cable companies that are now moving away from tv,these streaming services will do the same thing.They get as much as they can but in doing so they kill the cash cow.

And as another example look at all these big streaming companies,they all keep merging,until eventually there are only a couple left standing.Prices will be so high they will have no customers left.

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Probably…I hope it’s not anytime soon!