TheTVApp Not Working

Seems my “the TV app” is down today, yesterday it was fine ;-(

Only ESPN and ESPN 2 are being blocked unless you but Nord VPN. Every thing else seems to be working fine.

Seems they are trying to get some commissions by pushing Nord.

New update 420.7 on Kodi 12/25, all channels working fine.

espn, bbc, cnn and others dont work either
I am in Thailand and dont use a vpn
I have 420.6 how do i update to 420.7??
its on auto update?

I uninstalled an reinstalled but still only have version 420.6

nothing plays

The web stream is working. I would suggest going through a browser and not use the Kodi addon.

strange but<
its now working,
Must have been xmas blues :slight_smile:

Long click(android) or right click(windows) the app in addons. Go to versions and it should show the update there.

I live in Nevada , not using a VPN and it’s not working for me lol

Use the web bowser option its working.

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Thanks . I’ll check it out tomorrow