The weather channel

How can I load the weather channel on either my kodi or my fire stick which kodi is on

Do you subscribe to any IPTV services? The Players Klub carries the weather channel. I pay $5 monthly for this service although I believe new subscribers now pay $8 monthly. And it works quite well.

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I get the Weather Channel on cCloud.

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To access the Weather Channel FROM KODI 17 WITHOUT a build, open KODI, click on the COG, access Service Settings and at the bottom have your settings EXPERT, click on Weather, click on Service for Weather Info and click on Get More… Choose Yahoo! Weather and setup from there.

If you have a build running within your KODI 17, then start with accessing System Settings, Services, make sure you have you level at the bottom set to EXPERT, Click on Weather, Click on Service for Weather Information, Click on Get more… choose Yahoo Weather!!!.. and continue from there with your choices for setup locations.

Good Luck!!!

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