The tv-app not working again

Today the 29th the tv-app. Has a update after update still not working anyone else?

Is there a fix for it? It works well on my iPad but not the Firestick

Open Silk browser and watch it thru there. Works great.


Yeah it’s just harder to find a show need a TV guide thanks for replying

Me too hope they fix it soon best iptvs app out I’m using tvtap which works ok just not as good as the tv-app thanks for replying

Well the major sports are divided into categories NFL NBA etc so that makes that easy but yeah easier to navigate on a PC or tablet

It has a tv guide. Once you click on a channel the guide will show either on the side (laptop) or at the bottom (Shield Pro). All the sports have the dates, times, and teams, listed.

K thanks I’ll use computer and mirror to TV thanks

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Tizen browser on my Samsung TV works with guide on side screen after selecting channel. The same as Powerfader explained and just like the pic. he posted above.

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This morning I installed Xenon Burst instead of Diggz Xenon and TheTVApp works just fine, with little or no buffering and very nice video.

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Back down again worked after second update for a day. Tvtap ,daddy live r working with little buffer thanks for replying

Just checked TheTVApp through Silk browser. Working perfect.

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Yeah just easyer though Kodi addon still not working but :+1:

Good day all.
I have downloaded the new Xenon Burst Free app. Unfortunately, all widgets are tied to either elementum or Scrubs v2. Elementum pulls up a few links, but very spotty for each episode ibtry to stream. (Havent tried movies yet. Scrubs v2 wont pull up but 2 sd links and it is poor quality.
Am I missing something? Is there something else i need to install? I followed install instructions that Tony put out. Thx all, happy streaming.