The Nividia Sield

Hello and Greetings to all!

Finally, a forum for Nividia Shield owners and future owners like myself. Here we will narrow things down for the Shield so we can talk settings, tips and tricks to make the Shield run better and faster.

Don’t hesitate to post even if you don’t own one yet like me but are looking at purchasing one in the near future. Even Troy says it is the best and one person said “Hands Dow the Shield”.

Let’s talk about it and trade secrets and settings with each other. Troy has promised to help us in that area to optimize the capabilities on the Shield. Stay tuned to this and other hardware forums. It’s going to get exciting!


Got a question for long time Shield users. How to you get files from your computer (almost said PC) to the Shield. I’ve seen some interesting possibilities. You can map a network drive. You can create a share folder on the same network and place files from your computer then they are available for use on the Shield. Any other ideas?


Have you watched the ATV Launcher video from Troy for android boxes?
I haven’t tried it yet because I stopped using the Shield along with their remotes.
I recommend checking out other remotes as Troy recommends to use for FireTV and android.
Glad to have forum for Shield and I think I may try using it again.
Looking forward to hear from other users.
I don’t play games on it I only used it for TV and Movies.


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@bobsal90 Thanks for hanging out with us. Get your shield back up and running and watch this space for discussions on the best settings, Builds and tips and tricks to make your Shield experience better. We’re going to share knowledge so we all can enjoy the power of the Shield!

Easiest for me is a USB flash drive.

I have been using the Shield for two years. Fine for streaming subs but is very hit and miss on apk’s. Starting, stopping on Cinema and Bee TV, no buffering but sticking and not starting again. I have a new mesh router, new modem, disconnect and reconnect, still has problems. Funny thing, when I run a fire tv on the same tv, it works no problem.

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Hi i am having the same problems with Cyberflix on the shield it keeps freezing to any help appreciated

@Quazar Thanks for the reply. Using a USB drive works but I am looking at more permanent solutions so I won’t have to get up and go to the shield everytime I want to transfer data.

The concept of a shared folder sounds great to me. I’m going to set that up so anytime I want a file on the shield, just drag ig to the shared folder. That concept works for me. Thanks again for your participation. You are appreciated here.

I also have been using he Shield for a few years. I use it for streaming not gaming. I have APKs in it and they work perfectly. I’m watching Cyberflix as I’m typing this. Also use Cinema and Bee along with a couple of others. I don’t have any freezing or sticking. But I also use Real Debrid to get get quality streams and it really does make a difference for streaming. After I returned my modem/router back to Comcast and purchased a Netgear modem and router, purchased Real Debrid and started using the VLC player instead of the MX player my streaming is sweet. I gave up cable 3 years ago trying to stream, I finally got the streaming tools in order to have flawless streaming. If anyone is interested in what I’m saying shoot me a line here.:v:t6:


Does anyone know if the Nividea is Shield 32 bit or 64 bit?

64-bit on NVidia Shield

@akatkando That’s what I thought. Thanks so much for the reply.

I didn’t know about the servicing issue when you own your own equipment, they said nothing about it when they activated my modem. But when you stop and think about it, what is there to service inside your home except the modem/router? The signal is piped in from the street somewhere so if there is a problem most likely it’s out there, unless you’re modem/router goes bad or you break the cable coming in your home. I’ve been with Comcast forever, paying $10 a month for a unit that is for the most part not as efficient as say a name brand modem and router. I went from streaming sources at about
225 MB to about 400 MB when I changed equipment. After changing to the VLC player it jumped to upper 400 to low 500 MB. After getting the Real Debrid service I am now streaming sources of
1 to 3.5 GB, even 5.1 sources without buffering. I could never think about getting those sources without extreme buffering before. After 3 years of trying to get it right after cancellation of Directv, I am finally a happy camper. I can honestly say that I really don’t see buffering on my tv shows and movies now, and when something weird does happen it’s a real surprise. I mean face it, it’s electronics, it won’t always be flawless, but my streaming world is fantastic now. When you get the right tools in line it works beautifully! I use Cyberflix and Cinema APK’s and
Gears Reloaded for my IPTV service and I’m in streaming heaven now! I use this formula on my Amazon FireTv units too and it works great as well. Paying cable is not even a thought to me. Hope this helps, let me know how things work for you if you try this formula. By the way I have to say keep following Troy as he does an amazing job informing us and teaching us this way of entertainment! Without him and a couple others I follow on YouTube, I wouldn’t have gotten this far as quick as I have. :v:t6:

@a1997star With results like that, you’ve convinced me to invest in my own modem/router. Thanks for sharing your setup and the great experience you have with no buffering. Your before and after speeds are fantastic! Gonna look at getting a similar modem and having some of the success you have had. Thanks for sharing.

Download free apk called filezilla…use ES file manager and select remote…it will give you an ip address, put that into filezila and they will be connected. drag and drop :slight_smile: Good luck!

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Thanks @jjscalise for a great option. I now count four ways to share files from your computer to the Shield. Ideas ranged from using USB drives, mapping network drives to shared folders and using free APK filezilla to connect so you can drag and drop files.

Great ideas everyone. I will try some of these soon. Thanks for participating and coming up with ideas to get files from the computer to the Shield.

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Make sure you buy a Comcast compatible modem. I purchased a Netgear - 32 x 8 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem which is a Comcast compatible modem. It was $87. I just checked the price, it’s $100 on Amazon and $120 at Best Buy. My router is a Netgear - Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Tri-Band Wi-Fi 5 Router, it was $249. Right now $247 on Amazon and $240 at Best Buy. Now you don’t have to spend that much on a router, I just wanted a powerful router. But don’t by junk trying to save money. It will pay for itself is the way I look at it since I was leasing the Comcast unit for years, not to mention not paying for cable anymore. I went with Netgear because I’ve always had good luck with their equipment. I use a router by them in my pro audio gear as well. I bought them both on sale at the time, maybe someone will have an Easter Sale. Good luck! :v:t6:


Thanks @a1997star. I see Comcast compatible modems. I was looking at the NETGEAR Orbi All-in-One Cable Modem + Whole Home Mesh-Ready WiFi Router for $299.99. I pay for Gigabit service and this one is capable of speeds up to 2.2Gig. Room for growth and no restrictions as I already get speeds of over 1Gig with the Comcast setup. My own Netgear should be cool. Thanks for the direction.

Finally hopping in to this thread as I’ve owned a Shield for about 6 months, and it’s worked great up until now. With the re-builds with Xanax and others (the only APK I’ve used is Cinema), now I can’t get it to work at all. The Xanax build is there, but when I select any movie, nothing comes up. It runs through the search for links, but then it comes back and says nothing available or something like that. I’ve tried setting it back to factory settings and starting all over but the same thing happens.

I’m really hoping that there will be more content on working specifically with the Nvidia Shield because it’s still a little different than other Android tv options. So I’ll be hanging out here until there is more - if anyone knows of other areas for info, post it up!

Thanks all!


Today is the dawn of a new era for me.I got the nVidia Shield. One of the best choices I ever made thanks to all of you. Let me put it this way “I’m not in Kansas anymore”.

Setup from box opening to watching a movie with IPVanish on took exactly 1 hour and 37 minutes. Had to wait for updates etc. I glanced over the interface, then went to settings. Then I added a couple of apps to the Home Screen.

Next, I went to Google Play, downloaded Downloader and IPVanish, installed Kodi 18. At which time I began to sideload Exodus 8. I’m watching a movie now as we speak. It went great. Now I have the power of the Shield!