The loop and mad titan help please

I have installed The Loop and Mad Titan from the instructions and both don’t show up in add ons in Kodi. Help please

Then you didnt follow the instructions nor did you explain whats happening… they just dont disappear? what are you doing? When installing a repo make sure its spelt correctly.

I believe I did follow the directions, actually did the install twice. What I mean is that when I go to add ons in Kodi, the only add on I see is the Crew, not Loop, or Mad. I want to install these because from a previous question, they seem to work better for live sports.

thank you for your response

Are you using a build that only shows preinstalled add-ons on the home page? Go into your settings and go to add-ons then my add-ons.

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Thank you - I see Loop Repository in my add ons, but I don’t see how to open the program

If installed from the directions, they should be in “video add-ons”. But you can put them in your favorites too. They are 2 different repos, so you need to add both in the file manager section, then install that url from “Install from Zip file”, then install the repo from “Install from Repository”. It has you click “video addons” at some point because that is the menu it is going to install these to.

It sounds like maybe you installed the repositories but didnt install the actual add on.

You install it from the zip file, then from the repository, once it’s done then you can open it , i put all my addons in favourites as a short cut…

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You need to go to Youtube an start watching how to tutorials .


also, after you install from zip, wait and make sure the pop up says that “addon installed”, I have actually done everything right and actually had the addon not installed, and went through the rest of it and when I went to check out the new addon, walla, it wasnt there, just as you described. I always make sure I wait and read the pop up correctly, before moving on.

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