The fix..kicks me out of any show or movie I start watching...HELP!

I dont know why, but all of a sudden, everything I start watching using the fix keeps shutting off in me! Whats happening? I have nit ever had problems with it since 8 began using it, well over 6 months ago! What can I do?

I meant to say I have xanax build, the Fix is how I installed it. Sorry!!

I am having the same issue! I even have real-debrid.

So do I. I dont know what to do. Anyone have any ideas ??

Is it a clearing cache problem?

I have cleared the cache in the firefox settings. I don’t know how to do it anywhere else really. Would that cause it to constantly boot me out of shows and movies? Its so annoying!

Are you being kicked out of Kodi? As in Kodi is aborting execution? That’s happened to me in the past and you can check the Kodi log file to pinpoint what the fatal error is.

Yes. Kodi is kicking me out. Every time I start a show or movie, it might work for a short time, then it exits out completely and takes me to the Amazon page. UGH!

What’s your streaming device and which version of Kodi are you using?

Hi. I have a Fire Tv. I am using 18.5 Leia and Xanax build 2.5.1

Remove the Xanax app go to Troy point install kodi 19 and tropoint fork 19.1 then install green monster 19 on 1 and install xXenon 19 on the other